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 We enjoy working with wood slabs, metal and epoxy resin. We genuienly hand pick local wood slabs including Mediterranean walnut, special spruce, oak types and other local exotic tree species. Every wood slab has its naturally formed unique features and that beauty only needs to be carefully demonstrated. Simplicity requires complex attention and care. Blending artisan woodworking with advanced technologies is our main approach to acquire that simplicity. 

We have specially developed finishing techniques on wood, metal and epoxy to preserve the natural look of the wood grains and other materials to accompany in an harmony. All the finished surfaces have an improved resistance against scratches and wear. 

How to order (custom orders)

No two pieces are alike. Each piece is a unique one of a kind work of art so we have to select the best wood slab for your personal taste.
Select the design family, desired overall dimensions and legs. Since all wood slabs are unique and can not be repeated we will post you similar slab pictures to ask your preference. Once you select the base wood slab we will keep you posted with the manufacturing steps to fine tune your expectations in the details of the finished product. 
Every Terra Garage design is an authentic piece and specially crafted for our customers. You will receive a certificate of authenticity signed for the end user. If your order is a gift please let us know the owner of the pieces and we issue the certificate of authenticity accordingly.   
We will also provide clear instructions and necessary tooling to assemble the legs with the wood slab.

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